The Roach Van
most ridiculous story of all time?

I Fokken Luvvit 
A life lesson from Geoff Rowley.

Tent City 
thoughts on my favorite skateboard video

It's been too long. 
first blog in months

I still can recall ...
Reflective piece inspired by a Beatles song.

Consumed By An Idea 
Have you ever considered living in a camper van?

Rainy Daze
Depression takes hold.

Going Off The Grid  
I'm leaving society for thirty days.

the Scrublife
What life is like inside of a hip hop shack. 

The time I was kidnapped.
It's true. Happened when I was four years old.

Making it as an Artist
The DIY spirit dwells within me.

Post-Show Thoughts
Have you ever tribal danced around confines?

West Campus
What if young Skywalker hadn't chosen the darkside? 

What a Job This Is
Two weeks of groceries earned from the craft.

The Vision 
What's weird is that it mostly came true.