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Temples Made of Stone (feat. Julya Byond)

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When you're 18 it just kind of feels like the entire planet pressures you to either get a job or go to college
Follow the heard or do something predictable

But this man actually encouraged me to rap
And that... that just changed my life

[Verse 1]

That shit was big
Especially because I was just a kid
He told me that I had “it” and whatever I did
I’d always make it to the top because I was given a gift
Which was a contrast to the teachers I had
Who told me that I’d homeless and my poems were bad
Suddenly I felt hope for what I’d wrote in my pad
When pressured to be checkered he said go and be plaid
Mike ... defended the vision
When it was most vulnerable he lifted the restriction
That limited my ambition
With infinite ammunition
I scribbled to the rhythm and committed to the mission
When the record was written
It started getting recognition
He told me he was proud
And I thanked him for what he'd given
Then with one collision, I witnessed his position
Undeservingly slip into critical condition

[Verse 2]

It felt like my chest had that rhinoceros
From James and the Giant Peach 
Standing on top of it
I'll probably never forget when we got the call to get
To the four wheeler park and I saw the shit
There was blood on his face and on the ground
It kind of felt like god was a sick 
twisted piece of shit
I thought, this isn’t right … the opposite
Will suffice Mr. Architect, my mother was finally stable
Now she’s selling everything that they own just to be able
To survive. I’m afraid all this extra cash and stress
Will cause a relapse
So I apologize if at any point
I appear on edge or unable to relax
See these raps? They’re all I’ve got
That’s why I write, all night and day
It's a choice to spend my time inside alone. I jam my life away
My step dad, Michael Joe? Was in ICU for like 90 days
He made it out alive
But when he was down I was forced to find new ways

[Verse 3]

To make ends meet. Selling pizza just wasn’t enough
This time I was on my own
Twenty years grown
Trying to be tough
And that’s when Pops passed away ...
My grandfather departed too early
Having problems in every department of life
Feeling as if I had surely
Discovered rock bottom the rent went unpaid
I lost my apartment had nowhere to stay
It never quit raining I always felt grey
Pretending for everyone I was okay
Sometimes I think Logan don’t know what it meant
Provided the shelter but didn’t charge rent
Started working my ass off I saved every cent
I provide for myself now I’m feeling content

[Verse 4]

And that’s why nobody can take this fucking dream from me
I built it organically, understand what this means to me 
Sometimes I seem to be, a man surrounded by boys
The difference between us is I’m taking action
You busters are just making noise
So step back. Move aside
I’m a temple made of stone you better lose your pride
You can take your best shot, you can do what you like
But you ain't never gonna make me quit a musical life
I’ll do it til’ I’m gone let the truth be told
I’ll do it when the times are good
And when they’re brutally cold
I ain't never known a moment where I knew me to fold
That’s how the fuck I’m still standing here
At twenty two years old

[Final Verse]

But what ever I think I went through is pathetic
Because I’m not the one who hit the ground
And got life flighted by paramedics
If you want to talk about strength
Then you need to give Mike the credit
Man, it was you who believed in me
You showed me a brighter day
I know that it isn’t much
But I really just wanted to write and say … 
Thank you
The day that I’m wealthy I’ll return it a thousand fold
Because you’re my mother fucking family
But I know that no amount of gold
Could ever repay what you gave me
You instilled in me something proper
Because of you I work harder
With confidence I no longer
Need an Oscar 
To know I’m Leo DiCaprio
So if there’s any possible way to offer
That excitement you once told me about
When you first flew over the water
At such a young age and saw what you saw from a helicopter
Then please take it from this weird poem and prosper
Because that moment is now
There’s a lot of reasons to feel excited Mike
Don’t ever let your flame burn out
And if you ever feel alone just know you've got a friend in me
So if it's possible please ...
Be a temple made of stone

[Chorus: Julya Byond]

I am a temple made of stone
Temple made of stone
Temple made of stone
Temple made of stone

I stand on my own
Stand on my own
Stand on my own
Stand on my own