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Good Enough, Pt. 2 (feat. Julya Byond)

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[Verse 1]

If it was up to me?
I'd probably just eat lotus pedals and waste away
But innately an Earthworm feels compelled to save the day
So I'm conflicted, cracking jokes about suicide
Since people love me, am I forced to pedal through the strife?
I don't know, man
But this is why you don't hear from me
If I told you what was going on?
I'd interfere with your frequency
And I don't want you to feel my pain
I'll gladly be quiet if it means you don't feel the same
Things have changed (Damn)
I'm caught up in my head trip
Fans want new music but depression's got a death grip
So another day tumbles by
Inability to cope like fuck it I'll just get high
Which makes me hate myself I need to get away from here
I'm saving for a camper van
Afraid that it might take some years
Guess I'm stuck until I have it
Existential questioning
Convinced that this whole planet is plastic
I moved to Austin to make music
But it's become a creative casket
I know it's in my head
It's just difficult to get passed it

It doesn't help that I'm alone
Having some friends would be cool
But let's be honest, I don't
It's just me man, canoeing through a hurricane
Surfing four hundred foot swells
Trying to protect a burning flame
This little light of mine? Has such a vibrant shine
But it's trapped in darkness now, I wish I could rewind
To a brighter time. To a brighter day
Bird in a cage just always hoping to fly away
Shut the fuck up. What you feel is invalid
You're a straight white male in America
I don't want to hear about it
My third eye is clouded
I feel like I'm losing touch
I want to put it in the music but what if this is too much?
Am I writing songs or venting? What if what I'm doing sucks?
And fans start to tune out? I don't know, who's to judge
Humans just want to be loved
And being misunderstood is tough
Just try not to silence yourself
In the great search for Good Enough

What the fuck is good enough?
There's no such thing as good enough

[Chorus: Julya Byond]

(no words are spoken yet she says it all)

[Final Verse]

So my advice? Just be a Feral human being
And fly the freak flag to live without a care is so freeing
Some people like hitch hiking, pedicabs, and vegan food
Just do what you love
Make use of what you have and be the dude
And ignore the people who. Don't believe in you
Formulate a plan then actively take steps to see it through
Most men my age are trying to get into women's pants
And I'm just over here researching fuel efficient vans
So go ahead I'm ready. You could tell me I'm crazy
Criticize my goals your perceptions will never change me
Dream chasing is amazing to catch it is so fulfilling
Ain't' no time for chilling, talk shit but I'll still be building
There's no such thing as the ceiling
Where you stop? Is for you to judge
Safety is what most choose
Because it's difficult to move through the sludge
But I get it you want to be loved
And being misunderstood is tough
Just try not to silence yourself
In the great search for Good Enough