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  1. Stalingrad Theory

From the album Unit - E

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Stalingrad Theory

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[Verse One]

I’m overdosing on my goals I guess there’s no plan B
I can’t see, the windows frozen and my van has no heat
I go to sleep, cold and lonely my devotion is deep
I hope to be noticed from Nola to Nova Scotia to Crete
For what I wrote to the beat
I think the most perfect quote
I ever read was about this great warrior who burned his boat
He and his army torched all chance of escape
Retreating wasn’t in the plans, the life of each man was at stake
So naturally when the battle came nobody fucked around at all Death was not an option
They crushed em’ and tumbled down the wall
It’s all the same. I’ve found it’s law
With music, Battles, or Basketball
If you don’t scrap with every ounce of passion
Then that’s a massive flaw
Those are just the facts involved
Practice til’ you collapse and fall
But the path is full of shattered glass
So you get slashed up as you crawl
Plus they laugh at your sadness and treat you like trash
This is the casting call 
I ask
Which of you bitches wishes
To get lashed until your back is raw?
I do, because once it’s callused the craft will be mastered
Feral means savage y’all. It’s not math, it’s an axle stall

[Final Verse]

It’s simple as fuck
After one million casualties Russia still didn’t give up
If you treat your craft like Stalingrad no extreme is too tough 
When you push yourself to the limit
Keep pushing because it’s not enough
That’s my philosophy. It doesn’t bother me
I promise nobodies stoppin’ me
I acknowledge this psychology
Is rooted in my problems probably
You’ve gotta be a bit of an oddity
To be a kamikaze hip hop emcee
Crazy is what I try not to be
This just means an awful lot to me
I'm a junkie
Beats and Rhymes is something I can’t live without
Hip Hop and Coffee probably all I give a fucking shit about
Sink or Swim, I’ll stick it out
Listen, there is no different route
I’m in the trenches for the mission
It’s a privilege that I even get to shout
On this stage it’s not a phase this roads been far from roses
I’ve fucking lost relationships and slept in vans with roaches
For years I’ve been the brokest. I miss my friends and family
But this is who I am. so I’m sorry Gran
But there’s no plan B

[Outro Rhymes]

To put it in skateboard terms I barge it
In my past life I was probably a WWII kamikaze fighter pilot who flew his shit straight into the target

*explosion sound*

You know what?
This is my life. Society can’t have it
Half the shit we’re told to like is fake as fuck and plastic
I don’t live the life I’m told to live because that mistake is tragic 
So tat that on my ass when you drop me face flat in my casket