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Nobody Wants to Be Alone (feat. Julya Byond)

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[Verse One]

There was a couple married for 59 years
To celebrate their 60th
They decided that they would disappear
Take a cruise… escape on a boat
They’d lay around with one another on vacation and float
Just holding hands poolside reflecting on the best days
There’d be no better way to celebrate six decades
It was settled. It’s what they would do
The cruise was booked
They were looking forward to it they knew
It would be magical. Fantastical
Living like the glass was full. 
Their love was natural
Effortlessly compatible
But a gradual decline had been noticed in the woman's health 
She couldn’t do some things herself
But her husband always helped
And that’s what love is, compromise and compassion
I wish it didn’t but the story takes a sad spin
All their calculating when awry
When two weeks before the cruise ship departed?
Mrs. Margaret died


Say it isn’t so
Why'd she have to go
If there’s one thing I know
It’s nobody wants to be alone

[Second Verse]

So there he is, saying his goodbyes
Droppin’ sunflowers in the casket he cries
Their son was wise. Gave the father space
But in a thoughtful gesture offered to take the place
Of his mother Margaret on the cruise
Since both of their hearts were bruised
But of course the battle hardened former sergeant refused
Told his son I'm sorry but I have to go alone
Then made the innocent excuse
Who’d feed the dogs if no ones home?
The son understood
At least to a degree and supported the best he could
That’s how the old man was. Survived Okinawa. Tough as nails. 
Brought up rough, saw a lot of stuff but love prevails
She made him a better man with her gentle radiant warmness 
She was the score of gorgeous orchids
To his warped and tortured fortress
He knew their energy would be formless
In another world someday
When he boarded at the port
Monday morning and sailed away


Say it isn't so
Why'd she have to go
If there's one thing I know
It's nobody wants to be alone

[Final Verse]

On the boat:

He’d listen to his music and bathe in the sun
Play the penny machines and eat at tables for one
His exquisite suite featured a king sized bed
But each night, felt the stillness of no queen beside his head
He had conversations with others
But in a way felt disconnected
His thoughts were elsewhere
And the sense of loss was wretched
Like an impending doom, the 26th was coming soon
The night of their anniversary, and the eclipsing moon
Did it have to be so symbolic?
He concluded that he would watch it
Even wore his nicest suit and washed his face by the faucet 
Wrote his wife a poem and neatly lodged it into his pocket
He was going to read it to the moon
And take bites off their favorite chocolate
But when Bob was on deck he lost it
His emotions were exhausted
He always thought of Margaret
And longed for a connection that wasn't so cosmic
Pondered what it costed
Then climbed up to the top of the guardrail and leapt off it