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  1. Imaginary Numbers

From the album Vanarchy

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Imaginary Numbers

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Imaginary Numbers? My mom is off a Klonopin // and my problems are oddly tall like Gandalf in a hobbit den // All I had today was top ramen plus I ain't got a pen // Instantly fall asleep I'm drooling on the table top again // So now I'm failing this class // And at the rate that I'm progressing there's no way I'ma pass // I take the papers that got zeros and put them straight in the trash // Give a fuck if I suck at math my poem breaking the glass // Hey, you ever stop to think that maybe we're all different? // Or that you can't just throw every student into the same system // Just examine resources and where they're placin' em // $60 million dollars to build the Woodforest Stadium // But I'm not placing the blame // I'm just saying there's different students out there facing some pain // It's completely unfair to expect that they would behave the same // But go ahead, make it harder for one and watch them play the game // Just don't be surprised, when Johnny shoves the shotty in Todd's eyes // After his dickish scoff while being served his large fries // "I'll put your brains on the floor" // Ironically Johnny doesn't have dollars but Todd is poor

[Henry Rollins Sample] "You cannot let these people make you feel that you have in any way been dwarfed or outclassed."

But I did. Let them convince me I was dumb // Ugly as could be and unworthy of love it stung // For years I walked around believing that these kids were truly greater // Jealous of their lives I grew into a super hater // Yelling fuck your stupid major and paid for college tuition // You'll probably end up in prison drunk driving through someone's kitchen // but hate is not the way // I found confidence, my solar plexus chakra is still shining to this day // It took a while for me to see that I'm a beautiful piece of light // So what if I like to read and write in my camper til' three at night // So real shit? I wrote this for the Outkasts // What you have to offer is worthwhile, don't ever doubt that // So no shame I go town to town as a drifter // My name is Feral the Earthworm

[Chris Farley sample] "AND I LIVE IN A VAN DOWN BY THE RIVER"