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  1. Do What I Love

From the album Vanarchy

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Do What I Love

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[Tupac Sample]

"You know what I mean listen to the words people say in their lyrics and tell me if that's real to you. You know what I mean, listen to what their saying. Don't just nod your head to the beat, peep the game."

[Dave Grohl interview sample]

"With where the industry is headed and the idea of making money off a record really changing, what would you tell four guys in a garage that had a good batch of songs?"

"To go play live. Just play live" x2

[Verse 1]

I'm in the jungle ass naked with two tangerines // I don't answer to kings, I just dance and sing // Ignoring orders moonwalking across a planets ring, flipping through civil disobedience as the hammock swings // I think somewhere along the lines, people forgot what they need // Worshipping consumerism kids are taught to believe // The products price is correlated with it's worth // Maybe it was at first but it shifted shapes to a curse // Now it's a two thousand dollar purse that's basically just a bag // Getting paid doesn't mean you made it but they praise it, it's crazy sad // We stay paper chasing manipulated through fear // You can take this job and shove it I'll be damned if you take my year // I'd rather be broke and happy than breaking my back and miserable // What's the point of having cash if you're just trapped in a mental prison? Those // Wishes come to fruition when running with them so give them hope // I'll never dismiss them just to get a pension and work on another man's fishing boat // Now everybody asks, what's his prob-e-lem? What's wrong with him? // My fucking name is Feral it's not spelled the same but it's a homonym // Untamed and wild until the day that I die ... You could take porsche I'll take the lakes and the sky


If I don't make a lot of money but still do what I love then that's the only thing that matters to me // If I'm living free and can go where I please, that's the only thing that matters to me // If I got someone to love and nutritious food to eat, that's the only thing that matters to me // If I got pens and a beat and somewhere cozy to sleep then that's the only thing that matters to me

[Verse 2]

Western culture is obsessed with success // Everybody's so impressed with lavishness in excess // If we don't have it we get depressed, tell our selves we're worth less // Reality TV Hollywood women with plastic chests // Do not interest me, mostly because they'd never give the time of day // But that's okay. These beautiful hippie women got me feeling some type of way // Instead of grinding our life away, cooking dinner inside of a microwave // Let's slow it down. Life is too vibrant to never be saving no time to play // I'm rising and fighting the titan Goliath I'm all about rhyming and riding the wave // Surviving and vibing while climbing the lightning I'll never quit writing my mind is at stake // Do you understand that if I had ten hundred grand // I would still be cooking food and making music from this van? // It's just who I am, that's why I quit my job to write // Because why would I waste my time doing something awful that I don't like? // By living simple and minimal I've killed the parasitical and ditched the tricycle to rhythmically scribble and it's blissful

[Chorus repeats]

[George Carlin sample]

"Look at this stupid shit, no I don't want to be in the bunny number. Can I get out of the bunny number please I don't want to put on that fucking uniform"

[Dave Grohl sample]

"And if you back that up with the idea that just playing those great songs in your great live band is enough reward for you, then you're fucking set"