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Kamikaze Tendencies

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"I'm the young city bandit, hold myself down single handed" - Nas // "I'm low down and shifty" - Eminem // and if I can't have it I'ma take you down with me

It feels like, everyday since 1993 // I've been asking questions and trying to find the key // Now I'm free. The Panther Creek wizard wears a beanie // Talented with gift of gab elusive like Houdini // Name a person in the past six months who says he's seen me // I was writing scriptures when you were liking pictures of bitches in their bikinis // Wow. and That's When Ya Lost // I got fans in different lands, get international props // Do this shit myself, just cause' I refuse to have a boss // Slashing ratchets with hatchets while flicking ashes at cops, I've got // Kamikaze Tendencies embedded in my blood // I'm organic with no additives leave copies in the mud // I slaughter these toxic jocks I'm Nagasaki not a dud // Watch me squash the nazi posse like bob marley with bud