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  1. JFK

From the album Rhythm and Poetry

I used to live in Huntsville. We'd sit around by the fire and talk about life ... One day my step brother said ... "Remember when JFK told us to ask not what our country could do for us? Yeah, well that never happened."

I thought it was hilarious. The next day while mopping the floor at Double Daves I realized the theory applied to Hip-Hop. It's not what hip-hop can do for you, but instead what you can do for hip-hop.


My thoughts are twisted
My styles natural
I stuffed a thousand years of wisdom in a satchel
cats'll try to tell you that I'm faker than Manaj's ass
(why?) I'm a savage my wrath ripped his entourage in half
(oh ... ) Camouflage your path, I'm a ticking time bomb
Been trying to find my mind but I'm afraid that mines gone
We on a strange level compellingly killing the man
We're beating the devil
we're gathering rebels and doing the best we can
Just face it kid cant a single person fuck with me
The world could really use a change and I'd love to be
Better than everyone busting a flow
Saving the music and running the show
It's gotta be me because I'm gonna go
As hard as I can for the love and I know
That my intentions are the purest in the galaxy
I promise I will never flourish off a fallacy
I took this butter knife and shoved it up O'Reilly's ass
Then resurrected George Washington who would kindly smash
The double party systems what the founders warned about
They also cautioned of the bankers that were forming routes
Around the government to take it over quietly
I'm just waiting for the folks to open up their eyes and see
The country was stolen round' 1911
When president Wilson gave bankers the weapon
Control of the currency, nobody questions
The agency running the money, suppression
Of knowledge is present I rap about facts
I'm bucking the system no time to relax
I'm helping the planet with words in my tracks
And taking it back for lovers of rap
And rap is what I love that's what I'm all about
If I catch a kid abusing mics then I'ma call him out
You need to learn a couple things because you're fake as fuck
Your brain is hollow and I'm not afraid to say you suck
Give me the mic and I'll rip it again
I'm coming to dominate I'm going to win
If I can get money then I can defend
The music I love, I don't pretend
Like I dont want cash I need it to live
If I had money I know that I'd give
So take it slow control the flow and just enjoy the ride
This is the greatest tape just face and destroy your pride
Dont try to fight it just relax and trust the voice inside
To take a nap or take a trip that is your choice, decide