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  1. Nice Guy

From the album Rhythm and Poetry

You're not a fucking moron are ya? You see through that dont' ya?


I wish I wasn't such a nice guy
Cause' life'll pass you right by
Feeling cheated as I gaze up at the night sky
If everybody takes advantage of us, why try?

Don't get it twisted I'ma elevate my wealth
Earthworm is on a quest to get more gold than Michael Phelps
Cause' Stealth is the tactic, this midget is jurassic
Tornado kicked his fact and it made his body backflip
He's gone now. Stop telling me I sound like so and so
I can't help it I'm a kid I liked his flow and so
It's natural. Please get off my back
Dissing me for taking stands when you're a coward you lack
Any conviction. I promise that I'm not an asshole
Because I never raise surrender from my flagpole
This kids a puppy dog. Me? I'm Chupacabra
I'd say my style is sort of like Tupac meets Chubacca
I got some pasta if you wanna come by
I know you've dated lots of douches but I'm not just some guy
That's gonna use you for sex, but hey! that's why they don't want me
If I acted like a dick the demons in my head would haunt me


Cause' I'm a rebel of rhythm I gettem flippin and jumpin
I tend to elevate your mental when I'm ripping there's somethin'
that lives inside me. I calculate decisions wisely
Hip-Hop is my religion cause' for real, this music guides me
I feel like Grumpy Cat every time I bump a track
People try to show me songs, I'm like dude ... this junk is flat
The funk attack is coming in full effect
I never gave a fuck I get dumb and I pull respect
Like a lever, whatever when I get clever they never
Realize I'm better competitor's records are softer than feathers
I'm the Apex Predator. Twelve Steps Ahead of your average Redditor
No disrespect, I'm just a messenger
with hypocritical conflicting ridiculous views
If you haven't noticed I'm twisted, sick, and confused
So join the madness cause' nice guys finish first
The secret is that there's no limits to the universe


Looks like Parappa the Rapper just went and blasted a pastor
Caused a natural disaster then laughed at last the rapture's
Among us. Cause' Honey Boo Boo's the apocalypse
All intelligent people are jumping off of cliffs
It's fucking hopeless. This is idiocracy
It's not like reason is a complex philosophy
We glorify slutty bitches, get in every bodies business
Make fun of yuppie mystics blabbing about how lovely physics
Can be. Because it's all about Swag
Public acceptance and being plastic like a bag
So fuck the planet, I'm sick of being quiet
If they sold bottled tap water, I bet you'd buy it
I should probably chill but I cant because I'm pissed off
Every time you talk I want to rip your fucking lips off
Houston we have lift off, who's this I've never heard of ya
I never tried to hide it I'm a writer from suburbia