I edit all my own videos.

For the first six months my van was a metal shell. In that time I was working my ass off (pedicabbing) around the clock and also writing the material for my new album. After I'd saved up enough, the DIY van build began. It took us five consecutive forty hour work weeks. At the end of the video I mostly discuss why I chose vanlife.

1,400 mile round trip Greyhound adventure to see my favorite emcees.
This video chronicles the first week of our tour. 

Dreamer's Anthem

This took me forever. I spent hours digging through YouTube for each clip. Every last piece of imagery was carefully thought out. I'm proud to be the creature who wrote these words and produced this edit. I view Dreamers Anthem as some of my best work.
(instrumental by A-Plus

Freestyle Battle

Freestyle battle from 2014 at the Austin Mic Exchange
Even though it isn't stated, this is Episode One of my "dumbshit" series. I put this video together in honor of my 200th YouTube subscriber. Comedy was the intention.

Another Verse

My collaboration verse from Cory Price's song "Music on my Mental".
EOM (a producer from Virginia heavily associated with Wax) hosted the Zoog Cypher to promote his album For All We Know. He invited anyone interested to write over the Zoog Zug beat. Personally, I feel like my entry goes harder than 93% of all who joined in. This cypher was not a contest which is why I made it a point to shout out Wax and EOM at the end. I referenced the album they made together, Liquid Courage. These are genuinely some of my favorite artists on Earth. I was just happy to be legally wrecking an EOM beat.


In honor of Austin's largest music festival, South by Southwest, I hand-made 100 copies of my mixtape. Each copy was drawn on with intricate art. While making the unique tapes I'd been listening to this lecture from Alan Watts on repeat. I decided to document the endeavor, include the clip I'd been listening to, and promote my upcoming SXSW shows. I'm extremely proud of this edit and believe it to be some of my best. 

"Definition of a Rap Flow" Contest

In 2014, R.A. the Rugged Man hosted a contest. He invited everyone to showcase their abilities over any instrumental from one of his albums. The only rule was that your song had to include the phrase "Definition of a Rap Flow". I took the effort to fully explain what I perceived to be the definition of a rap flow. I feel like I killed this. I was honestly a little let down when I didn't even place top 5. My rhymes are incredibly intricate in this piece. Maybe the recording wasn't high enough quality for the judges ... I don't know. I do know that I'm grateful R.A. hosted this contest because it pushed me to Write and Record an excellent song, then Direct, Film, and Edit the video for it all within a 9 day time frame. Peace to the person who won, he truly is dope. I feel like my entry got slept on though. This was the first music video I ever made that included me all the way through.
This was the first video I ever put on YouTube. Everything before this had just been pictures as songs played. Good Enough was also the first song I completed for my Freshman mixtape Rhythm and Poetry. It's interesting the Good Enough video caught as much hate as it did. I almost deleted this from YouTube! I think that the people hating were still upset because of a diss track I'd made the year before. I think supporters of the MC's I went after, if not the MC's themselves operating under a fake internet alias, dedicated a lot of hours to telling me how much my song sucked. At first I was upset then I realized the irony. What the hell is Good Enough? Feel free to talk shit and make fun of my art ... I'm going to continue creating and growing regardless.
This was the first song that people really knew me by. At age 17 I accidentally sparked controversy by dissing two rappers from the small community I lived in. Never did I ever anticipate the backlash to be as profound as it was. Seems like everybody from my hometown heard this song, I swear. In some ways I feel Fake Shit Sucks really let people know that I'm in this purely because of my love for the art form. The artists I dissed were making music that was very swag/party oriented. I felt like their music not only lacked substance but just sucked in general. As a dedicated high-school aged Hip Hop enthusiast I believed it was my literal duty to go after these guys. I was not trying to spark controversy and I was not trying to steal fans. I was (in my mind) defending the culture that I lived for. I've made peace with the artists since the release of Fake Shit Sucks. 

Travels Through Space and Time

Day in the life type Vlog chronicling my adventure to 5th Street Studios.

dumbshit: Episode II

A Tribute to Chico Nubbinz

rest in peace, Chico ... rest in peace